Just got back from Walmart.decided to eat some of the jerky I bought. it was so tuff I could hardly *** it into. then I nociced the best by date on the bottom of the pkg. it is nov. 23 2015. do u leave in the store that long after the best eat buy date has expired? the...
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Hazlehurst, Mississippi
I liked
  • Jerky
I didn't like
  • Out dated product
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I bought a few Jack Links Sasquatch beef sticks. I had them as snacks. I got sick and I had non solid ***. It also BURNED coming out. I eat hot foods all the time. This was unreal. I spent the whole day on the toilet, and eating some bread to try to fix things. I...
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You have got to be shiiittn. What the shiiitt? Shiiitt man, that's the shiiittts!

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